Find a home for used books

bookmooch_logo I hate throwing out books. My wife says it’s like throwing out knowledge. I can’t agree more. Consequently, I have accumlated a large pile of books which if put in order would allow an anthropologist to track my career and life.

Recently, I decided to start decluttering my office. Of course this meant doing something with all of those books. I made a conscious decision to get rid of any book I haven’t looked at in the last year. The challenge became finding out how to get rid of them.

I started on but the hassle of putting them on, figuring out pricing then waiting until someone buys them didn’t seem that fulfilling. Anyway, I wasn’t getting rid of these books for the money.

It was then I stumbled across Book Mooch. Book Mooch is a service that allows users to swap books. It works like this:

I have a pile of books I put into the Book Mooch inventory, if someone a copy of a book, they ask me for it. I then ship it to them. This in turn earns me credits that I can use to mooch a book from someone else. The book owners pay the shipping cost and no money changes hands.

I may still go the route but Book Mooch appeals more to my altruistic nature. If you have a pile of books accumulating in your house, Book Mooch ‘em.