I love that iRobot has made the Roomba so serviceable. Replaced a bunch of parts this morning and it runs like new.

Between @VerizonWireless and my dental insurance company my life this week as been endlessly on hold.

Hazel + Javascript

I’ve been a macOS Hazel users for more than 8 years. Today, just discovered that you can evalute Hazel rules using Javascript or Applescript.

This makes automation much more powerful.

I’m using it to take receipts and put them into the correct receipts folder for the current tax year.

I often get hung up on the inconsistencies between “System Preferences” on macOS and “Settings” on iOS.

Whichever OS searching on, I’ll type the wrong name.

The band Wet Leg is so much fun. This is their Tiny Desk concert on NPR. 🎶


TIL that I can drop a Safari bookmark into a folder to create a short cut. Great for keeping research with documents.

TIL that I can drop a Safari bookmark into a folder to create a short cut. Great for keeping research with documents.

Snow day for the kids tomorrow. The email from the school said the day off was due to the impending snow plus COVID cases.

Do better Classmates #UX team.

Never suggest to use a password that is easy to remember.

I saw Spider-man on IMAX 2D. Definitely worth the extra money for the larger screen and better sound. 🍿

I missed the Pulp Fiction reference the first time I watched Daredevil.

Just got an M1 Mac Mini. Holy smokes it’s fast. ClipDish build time went from 10+ minutes to <100 seconds.

CheatSheet is a little macOS app that will show all of the currently mapped keyboard shortcuts with a long-press on the ⌘-Key.

How do you change the location of your Docker images on macOS?

This is mostly a note to self so I don’t forget how to do this

My 2017 era MacBook Pro only has 250GB of storage. With Xcode and Docker, it’s pretty easy to eat up the entire drive. Luckily it’s easy to move the location of your docker disk images.

  1. Open Docker Preferences
  2. Select Resources ➡ Advanced
  3. Scroll down to “Disk image location”
  4. Set the disk image to your external drive.
  5. Apply and restart.

It takes a few minutes to move everything.

Renewing healthcare plans really shouldn’t be this complicated. Ok, it’s easy to just click “renew” but if you want to actually compare plans across providers? Fuhgettabout it.

Metabase has a better UI for building BI dashboards than Amazon QuickSight. It would be perfect if I could upload a CSV to the cloud version though.

Privacy.com (great service) just notified me that their issuing bank has changed the rules. I need to regenerate all-new cards.

That sucks.

Woke up at 4am to my senior lab barking. So tired.

It’s the second time this week I had to charge my Apple Watch from zero. Both times it wouldn’t charge unless I rebooted it.

👨‍⚕️Boosted! No side effects so far.

Who’s still enjoying leftover Thanksgiving food?

If Facetime wants to compete with Zoom it needs to do a better job with echo cancellation when using external microphones. Seems pretty unusable w/ my Logitech video camera.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Trivia Q: what 📺 👨‍⚕️ kept his collection of porn in his office?

He didn’t want to go out for a walk.

Spending this weekend working on my Plex library. Discovered the Plex Meta Manager project and it’s a game-changer for keeping your library tidy and organized.