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It’s really rewarding getting an app review from a stranger.

What python pip tools do I use to

Here’s a list of useful python tools I have installed to manage packages and their dependencies. I’m posting it here so I don’t forget what I’ve installed in six months when I need them again.

  • return a sorted list of installed packages? pip-date
  • remove packages and their dependencies? pip-autoremove
  • show packages and their dependencies? pip-deptree
  • manage python environments? pipenv

“It’s like the turkeys mounted a counterattack”

It’s 6:52am on Thanksgiving morning. Turkey still partially 🧊.

It would be helpful if Amplitude would let me segment on OS versions as a number (i.e., everyone ><= iOS 13.1) I often want to check this value so I know who to notify when updating minimum iOS version in ClipDish.

Seems like it should “be a thing” but can’t figure it out.

Me right now…

I’m tempted to move my API back end from AWS to GC. The only thing stopping me is that the Zappa project makes it so darn easy to deploy AWS Lambdas.

Just found out about a VSCode extension which in most cases eliminates the need for Postman. Check out Thunderclient. 💻

I freakin love writing unit tests.

I never realized what a drain on the battery development with Xcode is. Sixty minutes in and I need to charge my battery.

FastAPI looks pretty sweet. Next API I build I’m going to try it out.

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Trying to get the new pup acclimated to his crate. It’s an exercise in patience!

We put him in the crate while mom was showering. I was in another room and he was crying like crazy. Moved self to where the crate is.

He’s now out cold (sleeping!)

Ok. It’s decided. Barnaby.

Our little doggie has his first vet appointment tomorrow and we still can’t decide on a name.

Central Bucks School District featured in NY Times The Daily because of the hatred and vitriol at our school board meetings. CB South has bomb threat that closes school. What a messed up Tuesday.…

I guarantee one of these days I’m going to send a 🖕instead of a ☝️to someone.

Re-listening to Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. There are really some gems on Disc 2 that I often overlook like X.Y.U and Tales of a Scorched Earth. 🎵

I’ve been interviewing product designers. I’ll ask the candidate about an app on their phone that has a horrible design. The answer from nearly every candidate? “My bank app”

How have I never heard of Succession 📺?

Woke up with an idea for ClipDish at 6am that I had to get up and implement.

Ok, my cellular carrier switching problems are sorted out. Went from $80 -> $25 with Visible. They’re owned by Verizon I wonder how they are able to offer this for less 💵?

Each time I listen to the new @aimeemann album I come away with a new favorite song. Home by Now is my current favorite.

Uh oh, I started porting Verzion number ➡️ Visible. Porting completed but now nothing works.

Been listening to the new Aimee Mann album. I’m glad more artists are showing up on Bandcamp. I want a way to support bands & artists I love w/o buying physical media.

Oh and the album is GREAT! 🎵…