Mmm donut

Ok, my quest to de-Wordpress my life continues. Just moved my main blog from WP to Hugo. Still need to do some cleanup and bring in images. However, the heavy lifting is done.

It’s nice not having to worry about sites getting hacked.

OMG scheduling vaccine appointments. The CVS UX team really gave zero f*cks. 💻

I think that CVS pharmacy gave the vaccine scheduling app to their junior team without oversight.

Whelp need to get a new MacBook now.

Is anyone else reported connection issues with Twitter cross-posting?

See the attached GIF.

Maybe @help can… help?

I just 📺 the documentary Wasted about food waste. I was shocked to learn that food in landfill takes decades to decompose compared to food that is composted.

My 👀are opened.

Now researching composting.

A/C in middle of October :/

I keep watching the foundation TV show. After every episode I say to myself “I don’t know.“ Yet, I still find myself tuning in.

I love these books so much, I’m definitely conflicted about this series. 📺

Today is whirlwind meeting today. I’m interviewing a couple of candidates for product designer and product manager positions.

They all know they are interviewing with me. I wonder how many will look at my LinkedIn profile in preparation?

Microsoft Viva daily briefing emails are pretty cool. I like that it figured out relevant documents to upcoming appointments.

Back in the day I used to have a sticky note on my monitor to “Watch out for wild pointers.”

Now, I need to put a new sticky note on my monitor “New python package? Rebuild your containers” 💻

TIL that Missouri gov doesn’t have anyone in his administration that understands internet.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson wants to prosecute a journalist who warned the state that a government website left school teachers and administrators’ Social Security numbers exposed.…

Apple CarPlay seems really broken for me today.

It started out when I try to connect my phone to the car after a few seconds the car screen went blank and the phone dialed out to the last called number.

Now, media control through the app Pocket Casts isn’t working.

Eating oatmeal cooked in the microwave is reminds me of liquid gold scene in Game of Thrones. 🍳

Built some fun stuff today in Django.

TIL that Glassdoor will remove negative reviews of companies.

It would be really heplful if the Following pages on showed user about with user names. @manton

After two years we finally picked out a mailbox

Just tried out Xbox Cloud gaming streamed on my Mac in Safari. Pretty impressive. 🕹️

OK Ron Swanson let’s see how good this is.

Update at 22:00 - pretty tasty

Enjoying a nice fall night.

Can’t bulk delete categories in Selenium to the rescue!

Who is this squid? Why is it playing games? 📺

Dishwasher crapped out. Parts on order. As of today the earliest appointment is about a month out. I know people hand wash dishes but not looking forward to this!