Dead simple VPN with Hamachi

I recently was looking for a way to get files off of my home PC from my office when I came across Hamachi. Hamachi is a “zero-config” VPN which when installed, allows you to link computers across the internet in a secure, virtual local area network.

I installed the client on my home PC and office PCs. Their claim of zero config is spot on. I merely had to give the PCs my account name and they found each other on the internet.

Once connected, I could do everything to my home machine that I could do on my house local area network. Browse shares, access my Subversion server, even use the Windows remote desktop to operate my home machine from my office.

VPNs used to be the realm of IT departments and businesses looking for a way to connect their road warriors. It was difficult to install and slow. Hamachi has leveled the playing field making it available for consumers.

Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese