Simple command checks for secret Internet connections.

Has you PC been turned into a zombie? One way to find out is to log your internet connections to see what activity has occurred.Night-of-the-Living-Dead-Poster-C10080079

There are a number of tools available to do this, however, Windows comes with a free command line utility which is described here. The program, netstat, displays active network connections into and out of your box. To turn it into a network logger, follow the steps below.

Make sure, if you are running this that you close any known network applications like Firefox or your favorite web browser. Otherwise your log could fill with unwanted information.

    <li>Open a command prompt, click Start->Run and type <pre>cmd.exe</pre></li>
    <li>type <code>netstat -b 2 > netlog.txt</code></li>
    <li>Let this run overnight then open the log file in notepad.</li>
The command line option -b tells netstat to display the name of the programs initiating the network connection. The number tells netstat to dump to the log every 2 seconds.

What you will see in the netlog.txt is a list of all network connections with the name of the program making those connections in brackets []. If you see something you don’t recognize, you can use a website like to identify it and see if it is a virus or malware program.


Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese