Import tables from websites into Excel

I have found what has to be the coolest Firefox plugins ever. I often spend hours scouring the web for bits of information that I need to bring into other documents. Many times, I’ll want to bring in a web table to Excel. This is often met with frustration and a lot of manual tweaking. Well, no more. Thanks to OutWit Technologies. They have developed a cool plug-in that extracts various bits of data from websites including images, text, and tables.

[gallery link=“file”]

In the two figures above you can see an example of the extraction engine at work. I’ve loaded a page from Wikipedia that includes a table. I run the extraction on the page and the table is automatically pulled out. I can then copy and paste this easily into Excel. What’s really cool about this software is if you’re a regular expression geek, you can tune the extraction so it pulls the right data.

If you ever needed to pull data out of web pages, get this Firefox add-in today.

Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese