Pandora draining iPhone battery

images-4Two days in a row I’ve woken up to a dead iPhone. This isn’t so bad but I generally like to have a working phone while I’m on the road. The first day this happened, I wasn’t sure of the cause. Today, I’ve figured it out. It’s the Pandora client.

I don’t think that the client necessarily is doing anything wrong, I just think it’s not doing some thing right. I was listening to Pandora in my car, when I arrived home, I disconnected the iPhone from my aux jack and didn’t use my phone again until the next day. Pandora, I’m guessing, happily kept open the network connection which ultimately drained my battery.

It should behave more like the iPod client application. When the signal is lost on the headphone jack it should stop playing or in Pandora’s case stop streaming.

Anyone else having strange problems with the battery draining? Post them here.

Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese