LG Microwave Problems Widespread

I’ve collected a series of links here that show I’m not the only person having problems with LG appliances.

Here is a whole series of complaints about LG microwaves from Consumer Affairs.com. I’ve pulled out some select quotes from customers.

"Have had spots in the bottom of the oven for the past several months and the cleaning cycles, soap & water, will not remove them.

He told me that sometimes it takes two full cleaning cycles for spots to come up. I specifically asked him if I should run the stove through two complete cleaning cycles. He said yes…that’s a total of 6 hours!

Anyway I did and now I have a big old rust spot in the bottom of the oven and the paint is chipping off."

“I bought an LG microwave oven from Home Depot. The over was broken on arrival - the turntable motor had to be replaced.”

“The first year we had trouble with the microwave electronic door. It ended up getting replaced Then we developed the same problem a year later and ended up getting the door replaced, but had to pay 160.00 in services fees. Then our dishwaser inside rubber thing came off. We ended up fixing it, but now the pump and door electronic panels is bad.”

“Ok Im not going to argue I just know that Lg doesnt stand behind there products and they wont recieve another penny from my house or family and friends.I tried to say maybe its just me but I ordered the part and paid for it,well guess what they dont seem to have that part every place has it back ordered.Could it be that this is not only happening to me,but seems to be a common occurance.Perhaps Im not the only one.”

“I bought a LG microwave Apr 2009 and it been out for major repairs 5 times in 18 months. The lates was Sep 8, 2010.”

“I purchased an LG Microwave Oven from Home Depot on January 8, 2007. The item was subsequently delivered and installed.Since that date, I have had to have this item repaired fifteen (15) times. Fifteen times I had to make sure that someone was here between the hours of 8 am and 1 pm.”

“Within 6 months the control panel went out in the over the stove microwave. Called LG - pointing out that this is a DESIGN flaw (steam goes into panel and damages it according to the technician)”

Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese