Does Your iPhone 5 Battery Suck This Hard?

I bought an iPhone 5 about a month ago. I like the form factor, I like the weight. What I don’t like (actually hate) is the poor battery life.

On my iPhone 4, I could use my phone all day without worrying about charging it. Regular use for my was a mix of WiFi, Cellular data and text messaging. I rarely used the phone for calls.

Now, with my iPhone 5, I woke up this morning at 6:30am with a fully charged battery. I unplugged the phone, sent about 6 text messages and then went for a run.

I ran 3 miles, listened to a locally cached Spotify playlist (didn’t stream over LTE) and used Runkeeper to track my run. Upon returning, I looked at my batter an noticed that I’m down to about 60% of a charge. It’s 9:53am.

[caption id=“attachment_1426” align=“aligncenter” width=“347”]iPhone battery after three hours normal usage iPhone battery after three hours normal usage[/caption]

Is this normal or do I have a defective battery?

If it is normal then Apple has really released a crappy phone. Better speed and larger screen isn’t worth a damn if you can’t use the phone because of a dead battery.

Apparently I’m not the only one with these problems either.

I’m wishing I went with an iPhone 4S
Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese