Lone Ranger Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood -- Vulture

Gilbert Cruz writes a nice piece on Vulture.com espousing why the Lone Ranger Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood – Vulture.

I agree with everything he’s written here and would like to add my $.02. The death of Jonathan Kent represents everything that’s wrong with Man of Steel (and by extension Hollywood).

In the original Superman movie Jonathan Kent had a heart attack, Martha, Clark and the dog are all witnesses and they run out to try and help. It was a very emotional and intimate moment in the movie and when Martha screams “Jonathan” you feel her pain.

Juxtapose that scene with Man of Steel. Jonathan (SPOILER ALERT) is sucked up by a tornado. Gone is the intimacy, replaced with a special effects spectacular that is devoid of any emotion.

I loved the first Star Trek reboot movie not because of the action and effects but because of the characters. That’s lost on so many directors and it’s sad. Is it because it’s easier to just blow shit up? Or, do they really think that the audience is so unsophisticated that it’s what they want?


Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese