It's home automation day

Spent longer than I hoped setting up some sensors around the 🏠.

My Home Automation setup uses Home Assistant an amazing open source project.

The first project I tackled was getting my attic lights under control. There is no light switch for the attic. It’s lit via a pull string that you can access after you’ve climbed the steps. I added a vibration sensor to the attic door so that when someone opens that attic door the lights in the attic come on.

Our master bedroom has Hue bulbs and we usually just control it via Google Assistant. However, it’s nice to be able to tap a switch especially if someone is sleeping. Two Ikea 5 button remotes are a cheap option.

The biggest challenge was getting the Zigbee network stable in the upstairs. I ended up having to shuffle around smart switches that act as Zigbee routers so that there was sufficient coverage in the attic.


Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese