Can I ween myself off Amazon?

I just read through a thread from @DanPriceSeattle on how Amazon treats its workers.

It got me thinking about how much I rely on Amazon. I probably don’t need to shop for everything there but I admin I do it out of convenience.

Can I actually ween myself off Amazon? The first step is to find alternative retailers for the things I buy the most.

Books - Kobo

I shop at a local bookstore in my town whenever I can but I prefer digital books. Luckily, they have a relationship with Kobo Books so they get some money whenever I make a purchase.

With the app Calibre and some plugins, I can load those books onto my Kindle if I want to.

Household Goods - Target

I’m doing some cursory reviews of warehouse worker conditions and it seems like Target is better.

Electronics - B&H Photo

B&H has more than just camera equipment.

Joe Cotellese @JoeCotellese